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Save Money on Fireplace and Stove Accessories

Copperfield Chimney Systems & Showroom in Rockford, MI specializes in accessories for your stove or fireplace at affordable prices.  

Gas Shut Off Valves

There are gas valves made from top-quality alloys ready for purchase from us. Our models come with keys for security.

Firestarters and Fluid Stone Lighters

Fat wood firestarters make it an easy start for a fireplace fire, and fluid stone lighters use a soapstone to absorb a compound of kerosene for igniting.

Cast Iron Kettles and Bellows

You too can have one of those traditional cast iron teapots that were used for boiling water for centuries. Traditional bellows for blowing the fire are also available.
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Whether you want Comfort Geni's, magnetic stove pipe, or thermometers, we have it all.
Our family owned and locally operated business makes a difference with 15 years of experience. We can answer all of your questions about fireplaces and chimneys. We offer you FREE estimates. 
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