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Archgard's Sensational Fireplaces 

Copperfield Chimney Systems & Showroom in Rockford, MI takes pride in serving you with Archgard fireplaces. These units are designed to be customer friendly where performance and style are not compromised.

Manufactured in North America

All Archgard fireplaces are manufactured in North America with the highest standard of craftsmanship. They are committed to supporting our economy. At the same time, they ensure the North American market it will receive the quality products it expects.

Scientifically Engineered

Archgard fireplaces provide three sources of heat to create warmth in your place of residence: Radiance, convection, and fan assistance. Whether it's natural gas or propane, their Direct Vent technology makes it easy to install, and major components have a lifetime warranty. 

Archgard Fireplaces Are Inviting to Guests

The Archgard company believes a gas fireplace shouldn't have to look like a gas fireplace. That is why they invest considerable resources in developing a distinctive flame pattern for each individual fireplace.

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Archgard is a privately owned company with over 20 years' experience.
Each member of the Archgard production team takes pride in the completion of every fireplace. The evidence is in their final product. Get FREE estimates.
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